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Hand in Hand Academy for

Social Entrepreneurship

About the Academy

India has over two million social enterprises, but also its fair set of social challenges.

The Hand in Hand Academy for Social Entrepreneurship was established in 2016 with the aim of imparting academic knowledge and practical experience in building sustainable businesses to people at the bottom of the pyramid. The Academy is the culmination of our decade-long endeavour to lift rural India from poverty.

The vision

To create entrepreneurs who will find solutions to social problems through sustainable businesses.

The mission

To offer a mix of academic programmes to passionate individuals and equip them with tools and insights for creating sustainable enterprises that fulfil social priorities.

The Academy offers capacity-building programmes for various stakeholders in the development sector. Every other year, it conducts a flagship Global Social Entrepreneurship Programme. This Programme is a platform to kindle new ideas, share best practices and facilitate dialogue about the plethora of scalable solutions to societal problems. The Academy also offers exchange programmes for university students.

The training programmes include:

  • Certificate Programme in Microfinance    Management
  • Certificate Programme in Social Entrepreneurship
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Management & Development Studies
  • Certificate Programme in Banking