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Restoring Chennai’s Lakes

The Hand in Hand India-led Chennai Lake Ecology Restoration Project (CLERP) supported by the Guru Krupa Foundation has made significant progress in its first year. The project ...

Radha Krishnan on Natural Resource Mangement
12 Jul 2024

Breaking Barriers, Igniting Dreams: The Remarkable Journey of 20 Tribal Children in Peenjamandhai Village

Presenting you an inspiring story from the heart of the Peenjamandhai Hills, where 20 remarkable children from a tribal community have achieved outstanding results in their 10th standard ...

Hand In Hand India on GeneralChild Labour Elimination
10 Jul 2023

Tackling Child Labour Through Friendly Communities!

Ending child labour and child endangerment by empowering communities with a sense of agency. Tabasum Parveen aged 14 years; her daily schedule was something like helping her mother ...

Krithika L on GeneralChild Labour Elimination
12 Jun 2022

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Bridging the gaps in Rural Healthcare

Bonfires and winters are the perfect combination until something untoward and unexpected takes place. 12-year-old Khusboo Kumari happened to be a victim of such an unexpected tale, ...

Krithika L on GeneralHealthcare
6 Apr 2022

Ending Prejudices about Menstruation through our Peer-Educators

Do not head near the prayer room or the kitchen during that time of the month! I am sure every Indian girl has had these statements directed ...

Hand In Hand India on GeneralHealthcare
28 May 2021

Child Marriage – The Lockdown Trend!

We have heard many people ask us over time; ‘Does child marriage still exist in the 21st century? Isn’t that ancient history?’ Well, it is not ...

Hand In Hand India on GeneralChild Labour Elimination
19 Apr 2021

How we harnessed solar power to bring water to rural communities

On World Water Day, here's a story of how we harnessed Solar Power, Community power and brought water to rural communities in Tamil Nadu.

Hand In Hand India on GeneralNatural Resource Mangement
20 Mar 2021