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Our Partners

Hand in Hand India partners with State and Central Governments, bilateral institutions, corporate houses and individuals. We ensure that we partner with institutions that align with our vision, mission and organisation ethics.

The Government

At Hand in Hand India, we believe in working in partnership with the local Government to implement projects. We act as catalysts to ensure that the relevant Government schemes reach the communities we work with. The Government agencies we work with include National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development and the National Skill Development Corporation. We also work with various State Governments.

Institutional Donors

Our partnerships with several bilateral institutions have been pivotal in supporting and taking our projects across borders and seas. Some of the notable names in this area are World Bank, UNICEF, ADB and IFAD.


In line with the Government of India’s Corporate Social Responsibility mandate, we partner with over 75 corporate houses across India. Each of our projects is customised based on the needs of the target community. We also conduct regular corporate-employee engagement programmes.

International Donors

Several individual philanthropists support our causes. If you are interested in supporting us, please contact us.

Other Donors

This includes individuals, private foundations and trusts who believe in our cause.

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