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Our Approach

We understand the cause-effect relationship between various dimensions of rural poverty. This is the reason why we chose not to work with just one sector, instead use a unique integrated approach. Our approach aims to reduce poverty by tackling social, economic and environmental factors. The interventions used are job creation, access to credit, education, health, livelihood and environment management.

Our Beneficiaries

Through our integrated approach, we empower women, educate children, create healthy communities, skill up youth and women and contribute to a clean environment. Women are supported through training, credit and a whole gamut of interventions for improving their health. We ensure education for all children by enrolling them in appropriate centres and later, in Government schools. We provide improved sanitation and waste management facilities to the communities we work with. We help farmers and rural people in natural resources management. On the whole, we believe that we are catalysts for change, bridging the gaps in the system.